FAQs for Grant Recipients - UVA Parents Fund

FAQs for Grant Recipients

How do I request funds from my organization’s grant?

 We operate primarily on a reimbursement basis.  To request a reimbursement, email the following to Anna Patchias (acp5y@virginia.edu):

You can download a disbursement form here.

You will also need to submit a grant report for your organization at the time you submit your disbursement materials.  Details on what your grant report should include are available here in the “Reporting and Acknowledgement” section.



My organization doesn’t have enough money to pay for some or all of our budgeted expenses.  Can our grant money be used to pay for catering, or other costs?

Yes, you can use your grant to cover pre-approved expenses that were listed in your original grant application.

For any expenses that you would like for the Parents Fund to pay upfront, email the following to acp5y@virginia.edu:

**If you are asking for us to pay a local business for food or other services on your behalf, it will be incumbent upon your organization to pick up the check from Alumni Hall and deliver it to that company.**

In some cases, companies may be required to complete a W9 form if they are not already registered with the UVaFund.  It is your group’s responsibility to 1) determine if the company needs to complete a W9 form, and 2) submit the form to Paula Wagner at the UVaFund.

When and where will checks for my organization be available?

Reimbursement materials are usually processed in 7-10 days.  Parents Fund Grant accounts are managed by the UVaFund at Alumni Hall.  You can contact the UVaFund in person, or at 434-243-1141 to see if your check is ready.

My group has an account with the UVaFund.  Can reimbursements from our grant account be deposited into our group’s UVaFund account?

Yes.  Specify on the disbursement form that you would like to receive the reimbursement as an internal fund transfer.  Please note your group’s UVaFund account number.

My group’s project or needs changed.  Can we use our grant to pay for things that weren’t in our budget, or that cost more than we anticipated? 

Yes, provided that:

Email acp5y@virginia.edu detailing how you originally planned to use your grant, and your organization’s proposed changes.  Please allow up to one week’s time for approval to be granted or denied.

Our grants are made possible through the generosity of our Parents Fund donors, and at the discretion of our Executive Committee.  This policy is to ensure that grant recipients use their funds in line with our donors’ expectations.

How can I get a UVA Parents Fund banner for my event to show that your program is one of our sponsors?

These items are available for pickup at the UVA Parents Fund Office in Fontaine Research Park, located off of Jefferson Park Avenue.  We are in the 400 building—it’s the first one on the right as you come up the driveway.  Contact acp5y@virginia.edu to request these items.  Please specify how many of each item you would like, and when you plan to come by to pick them up.