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Providing grants and awarding student scholarships are two primary ways the UVA Parents Fund Committee enhances the undergraduate student experience.  We have allocated more than $1 million across Grounds annually for the last several academic years. Members of the UVA Parents Fund Committee administer the grants program and prefer to provide “seed money” to initiate new programs, or to meet a one-time need, not to provide annual funding for existing programs.

We will begin accepting applications for the 2019-20 grant cycle at 8:00 a.m. EST on Friday, August 30, 2019 until 11:59 p.m. EST on Monday, September 30, 2019. Any applications submitted outside this time frame will be denied consideration. Grant decisions will posted on this webpage by 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, October 25, 2019. Please note that it will be each applicant’s responsibility to check the “Projects Funded” webpage referenced above to determine whether they have been awarded funding—groups NOT be individually notified of grant decisions.

Student groups and departments that need funding for projects and events occurring before October 25, 2019 may apply for an off-cycle grant by completing an application and budget (see below) and emailing both to Anna Patchias at by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, September 9, 2019. Applicants will be notified within 7-10 days about decisions on off-cycle grant requests.

General Requirements

  1. Any University of Virginia student, organization, or department that provides services, programs or projects to UVA undergraduate students is eligible to apply for a Parents Fund Grant.
  2. Parents Fund Grant applications and budgets must be submitted via email to, following our templates at the bottom of this page.  Applications submitted through any other avenue will not be considered.

The Application

All Parents Fund Grant Applications must follow our templates, and include:

  1. A completed application (the Word document at the bottom of this page)
  2. A project budget

Do not type “same” in any of the application or budget template fields.  Each field must be completed accurately.  Be sure to include ALL expenses and anticipated sources of funding in your budget.

Applications must be 100% complete in order to be considered.

Terms and Conditions

Allowable Expenses
UVA Parents Fund Grants may be used for on-Grounds activities that enhance the student experience.  Grant funding may NOT be used for:

  • Off-Grounds activities*
  • Honoraria/speaker fees
  • Speaker travel and lodging
  • Student travel and lodging*
  • Prizes and awards (including, but not limited to gift cards and trophies)
  • T-shirts
  • Alcohol

*Except in extraordinary circumstances.  Exceptions have been made, for example, for travel to club sports tournaments at the national level.

Recognition for the Parents Fund
If your UVA Parents Fund Grant is approved, you are expected to recognize the Parents Fund’s support wherever possible by including our logo on any brochures, flyers, web pages, and/or social media posts you publish.

The UVA Parents Fund has a Facebook page (“UVA Parents”) and Twitter handle (@UVa Parents Fund).  Please follow us, and tag us in posts about your event or project.  Other ways to recognize us include making an announcement at your event, and displaying a powerpoint slide with our logo.  Failure to adequately recognize the Parents Fund’s support could jeopardize your organization’s ability to receive future funding.

The UVA Parents Fund has banners for your group to display at your event(s).  They are available at our office in Fontaine Research Park (400 Ray C. Hunt Drive).  Please email Anna Patchias ( to coordinate picking one up.

Grant recipients are expected to submit a one to two-page report, with, pictures to the Parents Fund within 2 weeks of a project’s completion, along with ALL reimbursement materials. Reports should include:

  • A description of your event(s)
  • How your organization used the funding from your grant
  • How the Parents Fund was recognized for supporting your project
  • Photos from your event(s)

All groups receiving Grant funding in 2016-17 MUST submit a Grant report in order for their 2017-18 Grant application to be considered. It is your responsibility to confirm whether your Grant report was received by emailing Anna Patchias (

Disbursement of Funds:  Reimbursements
Parents Fund Grant accounts are maintained by the UVaFund at Alumni Hall.

Grants primarily operate on a reimbursement basis.  ONE reimbursement request per group will be processed.  To request a reimbursement, the following must be submitted electronically to Anna Patchias (

  • ALL receipts, as a pdf file.
    • Scanned receipts, email confirmations of purchase, screenshots of credit card statements or payments made from a bank account for specific items will all suffice.
  • A completed disbursement form, available here
  • A grant report for your organization

Reimbursement requests missing any of this information will be denied.

Reimbursements usually take 7-10 days to process from the time materials are received.  All recipients with local addresses must make arrangements to pick up their check(s) from Alumni Hall.  To determine if a check is ready for pick-up, contact the UVaFund at 434-243-1141, or stop by Katie Brown’s desk, to the left of the front entrance.

If your organization has an account within the UVaFund, we will gladly transfer funds from your grant account to your organization’s account.  Be sure to note the appropriate account number on your disbursement form.

Disbursement of Funds:  Invoice Payments
You may request to use your grant to pay an invoice (or bill) if your organization does not have cash available to pay for an expense upfront.  These requests must be sent to Anna Patchias ( at least two weeks before payments are due, along with:

  • All invoices you would like to have your grant funds cover
  • A completed disbursement form, available here
  • A signed statement affirming that your group will submit a grant report within two weeks of your event/project’s completion
  • A completed W-9 form from a company, if applicable

In some cases, the UVaFund will require a W-9 form before they can issue a check to a given company.  It is your responsibility to determine with Paula Wagner at the UVaFund if this form is needed.

Reimbursements and invoice payments will only be issued for items and purposes stated in your original budget. No substitutions or modifications can be made without prior written consent from the Committee at least two weeks in advance of when you intend to make any modified expenses.

Grant Use Deadline
Reimbursement requests for each academic year must be received before September 30 of the following year, along with a grant report specifying the outcome of your project, unless special arrangements are made with the UVA Parents Fund prior to that date.  Reimbursement requests received after September 30 of the following year will be denied.  Any funds remaining in grant accounts at that time will be reallocated during the following year’s grant cycle.


Download a Parents Fund Grant Application Please submit as Word file.

Download a grant application budget template Please submit as Excel file.