The UVA Parents Fund Grants Application for the 2016-17 academic year CLOSED on Friday, September 23, 2016.

Decisions for the 2016-17 Grant Application cycle were made on Thursday, October 20 and communicated to organizations during the week of October 24.

Providing grants and awarding student scholarships are two primary ways in which the UVA Parents Committee enhances the undergraduate student experience.  Last academic year more than $1 million was distributed across Grounds. Members of the UVA Parents Fund Committee administer the grants program and prefer to provide “seed money” to initiate new programs or meet a one-time need, not to provide annual funding for existing programs. Parents Fund Grants do NOT fund honoraria, speaker fees, speaker travel and lodging, student travel and lodging, or alcohol.

Learn more about applying for a grant and using your funds in a step-by-step guide here.


General Requirements

  1. Any University of Virginia student, organization, or department that provides services, programs or projects to UVA undergraduate students is eligible to apply for a Parents Fund Grant.
  2. Parents Fund Grant applications must be submitted through our online form.  Applications submitted through any other avenue will not be considered.
  3. Each applicant must submit a complete application, including a project budget. The budget template can be downloaded below.  Do not type “same” in any of the application or budget template fields; each field must be filled out accurately.
  4. Reimbursements will only be made for items and purposes stated in your original budget. No substitutions or modifications can be made without prior written consent from the Committee.
  5. Reimbursement requests must be received before June 30, 2017, unless special arrangements are made with the UVA Parents Fund Specialist prior to that date. Requests received after June 30, 2017 will be denied.

Organization Mission or Purpose

Use three sentences or less to summarize your organization’s purpose, activities, and achievements.

Project Overview

  1.  Summarize your project’s goals and objectives and the number of students you expect to impact.
    • Why is this project important and what is its potential impact?
    • Describe your evaluation plan to measure the project’s effectiveness toward meeting your goals and objectives.
  2.  Groups may submit ONE APPLICATION ONLY.  If you are requesting funds for multiple projects or events, be sure to prioritize them within your application.

Project Budget

  1. Use the Grant Application Budget Template.
  2. Include all sources of funding you have received or expect to receive.
  3. Request a specific dollar amount; estimates (“ball-park figures”) are not acceptable.
  4. Requests should be itemized, indicating the cost elements that make up your total request.

Reporting and Acknowledgment

  1. If your UVA Parents Fund Grant is approved, be sure to acknowledge the Parents Fund’s support wherever possible, such as in an announcement at the event; in a note on a newsletter; or by including our logo on any brochures, flyers, or Web pages you may publish. Failure to adequately recognize the Fund’s support could jeopardize your organization’s future Parents Fund grant requests.
  2. Grant recipients are expected to submit a written report with pictures where applicable to the Parents Fund within 2 weeks of the project’s completion. Your report should include a description of how the Fund was recognized for supporting your project. Failure to submit a report could jeopardize your organization’s future Parents Fund grant requests.


Download a grant application budget template
List of funded projects during the 2015-2016 academic year

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